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Contemporary Turkish Music Awards - Award Directive


Purpose and Nature of the Award:

Article 1-
In line with the purposes determined in the statute of BESOM; “BESOM Contemporary Turkish Music Awards” have been established to be given to orchestras, choirs, living composers, conductors, soloists or researchers active in the field of Contemporary Turkish Music. These awards are; given to natural or legal persons.

Article 2-
BESOM Contemporary Turkish Music Awards are given in two fields each year, as specified in Article 1. The awards consist of a figurine symbolizing music, together with a special award. The name of the awarded person and the year of the award are written on the pedestal of the statuette.




Article 3-

a) BESOM Voice Over Award; Orchestra, choir, orchestra-choir conductor or soloist, who sing the works of Contemporary Turkish Music the most,


b) BESOM Composition Award; A composer who brought new works to the Contemporary Turkish Music repertoire, achieved success in the national and international arena, whose works were accepted in competitions and festivals abroad, and received a degree,


c) BESOM Research Award, to a researcher whose original research in the field of Contemporary Turkish Music is published,


d) BESOM Honor Award to a cultural person who stands out with his contributions to the field of Contemporary Turkish Music,

are given within the framework of the principles set out in this directive.


Article 4-

BESOM Honor Award is given to a real person every year. Other BESOM awards are given to one real or legal person in each calendar year, only in two of the fields specified in Article 1 to be determined by the board of directors. The people to be rewarded are selected by the BESOM Board of Directors.


Selection Method:

Article 5-

Candidates are determined by the method of elimination among two persons proposed by the members of the BESOM Board of Directors. Voting is done closed. As a result of the first elimination, the award winners are selected with the final vote between the two candidates determined in each field.


General provisions:

Article 6-

BESOM Award winners are selected and announced in the meeting to be held by the Board of Directors of the Association in December of each year, within the framework of the procedure specified in Article 5. The awards are presented to their winners at a ceremony to be held within two months following the announcement. These dates may be changed due to the changes in the general world and country conditions and the necessities that may arise.


Article 7-

The reason for giving the BESOM Award is justified in detail and this justification is disclosed to the public and also published on the Association's website.

Enforcement and Execution:


Article 8-

This directive, consisting of a total of 8 articles, was accepted at the meeting of the BESOM Board of Directors on 06.09.2020 and entered into force. This directive is executed by the Board of Directors of the Association.

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