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2019 - 2020 BESOM Awards Announced!

The first winners of the BESOM Contemporary Turkish Music Awards, newly created by the Union of Composers, Conductors and Musicologists (BESOM), have been announced. Burak Tüzün, the conductor of the BESOM Voice Over Award, which was created for the orchestra, choir, orchestra-choir conductor or soloist who performed the works of Contemporary Turkish Music the most, brought new works to the Contemporary Turkish Music repertoire, achieved success in the national and international arena, and whose works were abroad. It has been decided that the BESOM Composition Award, which will be presented to a composer who has been accepted to competitions and festivals and received a degree, will be given to Hasan Uçarsu.

According to the unanimous decision of the BESOM Board of Directors, the reason for giving the BESOM Voice Over Award to the conductor Burak Tüzün is as follows:

“For not only the early Republican era Turkish composers, but also for performing the works of our contemporary contemporary composers by including them in their programs with the Anatolian Symphony of which he was the general music director, and then the Hacettepe Symphony Orchestra, as well as the State Symphony Orchestras he directed, and for making many of them played for the first time, recording them and making some of them published. , BESOM 2019- 2020 Voiceover Award was given to the conductor Burak Tuzun.

The reason for awarding the BESOM Composition Award to composer and academician Hasan Uçarsu was determined as follows:

“He has contributed extensively to our contemporary polyphonic music, from chamber music to large-scale works for symphonic orchestra, soloists and choir, in which Turkish poets have composed their verses in different genres, their works have been sung by orchestras and choirs in different countries of Europe, and their recordings have been published recently. BESOM 2019-20 Composition Award has been given to composer Hasan Uçarsu, as his works from Double Concerto for Piano and Piano (A Love Epic), Inappropriate Infantry and From Troy to Çanakkale are in the repertoire of all orchestras.”

Metin Yurdanur, one of the leading sculptors of our country, designed the BESOM Award Statuette.

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