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Composers, orchestra and choir conductors, musicologists, music writers, composition and musicology students over the age of 18 can become members of the Union of Composers, Conductors and Musicologists. In addition, people who support and contribute to the realization of the objectives of the association can also become members.


BESOM expects participation and support from composers, orchestra and choir conductors, musicologists, music writers, musicians and music lovers who adopt the aims of the statute. 


The membership application is evaluated by the Board of Directors and notified in writing to the applicant within maximum 30 days. 


Membership application can be made by filling in the "Membership Application Form" given in the link below and sending it to BESOM via mail or e-mail.

Annual association fee 350 TL:

Dues can be deposited online to the following BESOM account:


Ziraat Bank Beşevler Branch

Account number: 0799 51709332 5001

IBAN: TR61 0001 0007 9951 7093 3250 01

In the explanation part of the receipt, please write your name, surname and the year of contribution you made.

* It will be sufficient to write Composers Orchestrachefs in the recipient name section when making the dues payments. 


Membership Application Form

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